Real estate and the rental industry have been getting more attention in recent years. With the arrival of online booking platforms such as Airbnb clone apps, the rental industry is the speedy revenue platform for hosts, guests, and platform owners.

As per the Statista report, the overall revenue volume of the rental industry is 786.4 bn USD in 2024. Assured revenue growth will make everyone enter into the rental industry and turn the services into smart. Developing an Airbnb clone app is the major requirement for smart rental services.

This blog lists the 6 easy steps to develop the Airbnb clone app in detail. Let’s have a look into the steps as follows:

Step 1; Establish A Goal

The first and foremost step in developing the Airbnb clone app is the establishment of business goals. The framing of goals comprises the following measures:

  • How the Business Model Integrates All Players in the Rental Industry?
  • What are the plans to be followed to launch the business model?
  • How can I approach the development team?
  • How much does it cost to develop an Airbnb clone App?
  • What are all the players who acquire revenue benefits?

Step 2: Competitor Analysis

Start competitor analysis is the second stage. In this stage, you can compare the experienced field players in the targeted region. This competitor analysis provides the info about the business model where you lag and how to upgrade the business model in a unique mode.

Step 3: Find the Relevant Features

The third stage is an important one in developing the Airbnb clone app. Finalizing the feature set i.e. most relevant features to start the basic rental business model makes you a promising player in the market.

Step 4: Frame Business Model

Framing the business model with advanced features is the next stage. App-based business models are the key factor in attracting Gen Z players. Developing the Airbnb clone app with an advanced business model comprising the most needed features like social-media login, host experience, revenue modes, etc increases your profit values and familiarity level.

Step 5: Hire Airbnb clone App Developers

Hiring Airbnb clone app developers is the next stage. The demands for the Airbnb clone app are more. Hence the number of Airbnb cone app developers is more. Among them, the right one is based on how they provide services and ratings. Those who have good reviews and portfolios are the first preference.

Step 6: Convey Business Model Needs & Get the app, and launch

After selecting the app developers, convey the business model needs and how the application will be. Finally, get the application with all the specified feature lists and the seamless app launch.

If you wish to start the rental services, then it is the right time to invest money in Airbnb clone app development. The 6 steps listed in this blog help make your rental service a booming one in the market.