There are several top colleges for masters in business analytics in Europe.Europe’s academic focus and industry relevance creates a suitable environment for aspiring analysts. The emphasis on real-world applications and cultural diversity makes sure of a comprehensive and globally relevant education.

Leading Institutions for Business Analytics in Europe

There are several top colleges for masters in business analytics in europe. Here we are bringing a list of the same :

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

One of the most acclaimed colleges for business analytics is the LSE. LSE is where students learn a quantitative approach to analytics. Its faculty includes industry experts, ensuring students gain real-world instances. LSE’s strong industry connections provide opportunities for internships and collaborations, making it a top choice for those wanting a strong analytical foundation.


Tuition Fees: £29,472

HEC Paris

HEC Paris, a beacon of prestige, provides practical teaching with strategic thinking. Graduates from HEC Paris are taught to be experts in their field and help them to  understand the broader business implications. These skills make the students look for solutions in industries where data-driven decisions impact the bottom line.


Tuition Fees: £52,100

ESADE Business School, Barcelona

ESADE takes a hands-on approach, providing students with practical experience using cutting-edge analytics tools. Situated in Barcelona, the city becomes a playground for applying analytical skills. Graduates leave ESADE with theoretical knowledge and the ability to navigate real-world analytics challenges easily.


Tuition Fees: £50,000

University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers one of the best programs for Business Analytics in Europe , covering everything from data science to statistical modelling. Its focus makes sure that graduates understand the full concept of analytics. The university’s commitment is to provide a broad understanding of analytics, making it a nurturing ground for versatile and well-rounded analysts.


Tuition Fees: £39,700

Copenhagen Business School:

A well-known college for its business analytics programs in Europe, Copenhagen Business School offers hands-on learning and helping students apply their knowledge in solving business problems. Graduates learn how to view problems with a practical understanding and how analytics affects decision-making, making them experts in business analytics.


Tuition Fees: £32,000

Potential Careers After Business Analytics Courses

Studying in  top colleges for masters in business analytics in Europe opens doors to various rewarding career paths, including:


Data Scientist: $130,000

Business Intelligence Analyst: $110,000

Analytics Manager: $140,000

Machine Learning Engineer: $150,000

Quantitative Analyst: $120,000

Documents Required

General documents required by top colleges for masters in business analytics in Europe for admission are :

Academic Transcripts 

Provide records of your academic achievements.

Test Scores 

Submit standardised test scores relevant to the admission requirements.

Letters of Recommendation 

Include letters from academic or professional references.

Statement of Purpose

Articulate your goals and aspirations for pursuing Business Analytics.


Highlight your relevant work experience and skills.

Proof of Work Experience

Provide documentation of any relevant professional experience.

Language Proficiency Certificate

Demonstrate proficiency in the language of instruction.

Application Form and Fee

Complete the application process as required by each institution.



Studying in top colleges for masters in Business Analytics in Europe goes beyond academics. Top-notch schools like LSE, ESADE, and the University of Amsterdam focus on practical skills and diverse views, preparing graduates for the changing world of analytics. This learning, along with a thorough curriculum and a global network, sets students up to do well in the growing field of business analytics.