Welcome to Cool Mountain, where our passion for creating unique and refreshing hand crafted flavored sodas shines through every bottle. In this guide, we’ll dive into our delicious range of handcrafted sodas, from the classic cream soda to exciting flavors like Blue Razzberry Soda and Green Apple Soda. We’ll also explore the wider world of soda production, distribution, and retail in the USA.

The Unique Appeal of Hand Crafted Sodas

Hand crafted sodas are more than just a beverage—they are an experience. At Cool Mountain, we take pride in our artisanal approach to soda-making. Our crafted sodas are made with high-quality ingredients and a lot of love, ensuring every sip is a burst of flavor.

Flavor Highlights: A Rainbow of Refreshing Choices

Blue Razzberry Soda

Our Blue Razzberry Soda is a vibrant and tangy treat that excites your taste buds with its unique blend of sweet and tart flavors. Perfect for cooling down on a hot day or adding a fun twist to your favorite cocktails.

Green Apple Soda

Crisp and refreshing, our Green Apple Soda captures the essence of biting into a juicy green apple. It’s a refreshing option for any time of the year and pairs wonderfully with a variety of snacks and meals.

Orange Cream Soda

Nostalgia in a bottle, our Orange Cream Soda combines the zesty taste of oranges with a smooth, creamy finish. It’s a delightful throwback to childhood and a modern favorite. 

Black Cherry Soda

Deep, rich, and utterly satisfying, our Black Cherry Soda is a sophisticated choice for soda lovers. Its bold cherry flavor makes it a perfect choice for both casual sipping and gourmet recipes.

Strawberry Soda

Sweet and fruity, our Strawberry Soda brings the taste of fresh strawberries to your lips. It’s a delightful way to enjoy the essence of summer all year round.

Cream Soda

Our classic Cream Soda is a timeless favorite, with its smooth and creamy vanilla flavor. It’s a comforting and delicious beverage that stands out on its own or as a mixer.

Beyond Flavors: The Importance of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

In a world where beverage choices are abundant, non-alcoholic beverages like our cool beverages offer a refreshing alternative. They are perfect for all ages and occasions, ensuring everyone can enjoy a tasty drink without alcohol.

The Business Side: Soda Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers in the USA

Soda Manufacturers in USA

Creating high-quality hand crafted sodas starts with the manufacturers. In the USA, companies dedicated to crafting these unique beverages play a crucial role in the industry. Cool Mountain is proud to be part of this tradition, producing sodas that stand out in taste and quality.

Soda Wholesalers and Distributors

To bring our sodas to a wider audience, we work with soda wholesalers in the USA and soda distributors in the USA. These partners help ensure that our delicious drinks are available across the country. We rely on soda wholesale distributors and soda distributors company networks to reach both large retailers and local stores.

Wholesale Soda Pop Distributors

For large-scale needs, wholesale soda pop distributors offer a comprehensive solution. They handle significant quantities of product, making it easier for businesses to keep their shelves stocked with Cool Mountain sodas. 

Soda Retailers in USA

Finally, our soda retailers in the USA make sure that our products are accessible to customers everywhere. From big supermarkets to small convenience stores, these retailers are essential for our distribution chain.

Embracing the Craft Soda Movement

The craft soda movement is about more than just making great drinks; it’s about a dedication to quality, flavor, and innovation. At Cool Mountain, we are passionate about being a part of this movement, bringing our unique craft sodas and hand crafted rootbeer to enthusiasts everywhere.


Whether you’re a soda aficionado or just looking for a new favorite drink, Cool Mountain offers a range of hand crafted sodas that are sure to delight. From the refreshing Blue Razzberry Soda to the classic cream soda, our beverages stand out for their quality and taste. Explore the world of crafted sodas with Cool Mountain and discover why we are a favorite among soda retailers in the USA and beyond.