Your furry friends give us so much joy and unconditional love. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to provide them with the best care possible so they can live their happiest, healthiest lives. An essential part of caring for your cat or dog is professional grooming.

Read on to learn why regular visits to an Oxford Veterinary, are necessary for your pet’s wellbeing.

Health Benefits

Professional pet grooming provides essential health benefits for your furry companion. Regular brushing and bathing help remove shedding fur and distribute natural oils through your pet’s coat. Trimming overgrown hair keeps your pet’s coat matt-free and tidy. Careful nail clipping prevents painful cracks and breaks.

During regular grooming sessions, your Vet in Oxford MS can spot early signs of skin irritations, lesions, fleas, and other issues. Catching problems early on allows for quicker treatment. Professional groomers can also express dogs’ anal glands, which is an essential aspect of healthy hygiene.

Socialization and Handling

The grooming salon presents terrific opportunities for pet socialization and positive handling experiences. Interacting with groomers and other pets provides mental stimulation and helps shy or anxious pets build confidence.

Patient and repeated handling from Animal Care Services Oxford groomers accustom pets to having their paws, ears, and mouths touched – making veterinary exams less frightening. These positive experiences help lessen future vet visit stress.

Customized Styling

A trip to a professional Oxford, MS pet groomer lets pet parents choose from various breed-appropriate, customized styles to keep their pets looking sharp. Regucurly-haired and trimming maintains their stylized cuts for curlmaintainbreeds like Poodles. Thick double-coated breeds like Huskies can get summer lion cuts – shorter layers to keep them comfy in warmer months.

A professional grooming session allows pet parents the flexibility to choose from many different breed-appropriate haircuts to keep their pets neat and stylish.

  • Short Stylish Trims: For small dogs like French Bulldogs or Boston Terriers, groomers can give quick, close-cropped cuts that accentuate their distinguished features nicely. Tiny kibble bits won’t cling in cleanly shorn coats, either. Fashionable blended leg and foot rounds keep these lowriders looking sharp as well.
  • Puppy Cuts: Fluffy-headed teddy bear or lamb trims make curly-locked Poodles and Bichons look oh-so cuddly. Using thinning shears to texture thick woolly coats prevents painful matting, too. Blending their bodies a bit shorter lends better movement freedom.
  • Sporting Clips: For active, athletic breeds like Springer or English Setters, their coats can be trimmed short but still maintain enough length for warmth. Faces, feet, the base of the tail, and sometimes the tip of ears can be clipped closer for neatness and functionality.
  • Show Cuts: For dogs still competing in the show ring, hand-stripping coats preserve the dense, wiry textures sought in breeds like Schnauzers or Scottish Terriers. Keeping furnishings long per breed standards can set show dogs apart. Specialty styling like pompoms on Poms or full plumed tails on Huskies enhances their appeal.

Final Take Away

The Professionals of Oxford Veterinary Clinic Offer Premier Pet Grooming Services to care for your furry friend. The caring staff provides attentive grooming services tailored to your pet’s unique needs. As your local Best Vet in Oxford MS, we take a holistic approach – ensuring your pet’s grooming regimen promotes health, socialization, and comfort. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment!