Apply for visa to Italy from UK and rejuvenate in the natural hot springs of Italy and get the best relaxing experience. Nearly the whole Italian peninsula is covered with underground natural hot water. It rises to the surface as hot springs all around the nation creating steaming baths and blissful hot pools.

Sulphur and other minerals in the water are believed to provide several health benefits. It is possible to cure skin diseases, lower blood pressure and improve circulation by taking a dip in a thermal bath. It is the best time to make new beginnings with New Year round the corner. Book your Italy visa appointment now and prepare yourself for this amazing getaway with visa in time. Here are the best thermal baths and natural pools to definitely visit in Italy.

Soak into stunning Saturnia

The flowing water in this Tuscany location has created a number of pale-white calcareous rock pools where people may relax and swim.

The shimmering white calcareous rock pools are created by the waterfalls and are found in Tuscany. Here, you can relax and enjoy the view. Also enjoy the rolling Tuscan hills while you relax in the sulfur-scented, cerulean waters. As you are travelling all the way from UK with VFS Italian Visa, you must be looking for some quiet experience. So it would be best to in the early morning as Saturnia will eventually get busy with time.

Take a muddy dip at Vulcano

Visit the hot springs on Aeolian island of Vulcano if you enjoy sinking in the mud. Despite its somewhat strong smell, the grey sludge around the pool is known to do wonders. Heal your skin conditions if any and relieve joint and muscular discomfort by wallowing in the natural mud. Hurry up what are you waiting for? Apply for Italy visa from UK super-fast and get lost in this out of the world experience.

Dive into the Bullicame pools

The temperature of these steaming pools in Lazio is perfect for bathing in winter. The region is also home to the capital of Italy, Rome. The site’s healing waters, which are supposed to offer many therapeutic benefits for the skin, muscles, and circulation, attract a large number of visitors here. It will enchant you too when you go here once you would want to again and again. You can apply for multiple entry Italian visa from UK, this will not only let you visit only but you can travel to any Schengen area in the future.

Soak in the bubbly Bagni di Bormio

Travellers to the northern Lombardy town of Bormio, known for its renowned winter activities, should also take some time to relax in the hot springs of the town. As you take a dip in the bubbly waters simply look around and get the mesmerizing view of snow-caped peaks. While you are already here do not forget to see the San Martino church which was built in 12th century.

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Final words about Geothermal Wonders & Thermal Baths

Each thermal bath in Italy will give you a completely unique experience. You can find the ideal environment to relax and revive, whether you like the opulent atmosphere of a spa resort or the rustic appeal of an outdoor spring.

Apart from these rejuvenating bath you can also take gorgeous treks in the surrounding areas, enjoy delicious Italian food, and explore quaint towns and villages. While you already took efforts, applied for visa and paid the Italy visa fee, I think you should take complete advantage of your trip.