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Monday, May 20, 2019

Knife crime and school exclusions are symptoms of a wider malaise

More and more children are being excluded, as the system gives up on young people – with dire consequences

Set the children free – show them the joy of reading for reading’s sake

To slip the confines of reality for 15 or 20 minutes is a superpower too few of our schools are nurturing

Cambridge University offers disadvantaged students second chance to apply

Up to 100 places to be available under scheme as part of efforts to improve diversityThe University of Cambridge is...

Pupils shouldn’t be denied LGBT lessons – whatever their parents say

Growing up gay and Muslim, I know I would have benefited. Parkfield school should continue its ‘No Outsiders’ programme

How schools and businesses are addressing the Stem diversity gap

Taking away the ‘fear factor’ could help raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and maths careers – especially among female pupils...

A rise in apprenticeship wages is tempting those put off by tuition fees

Studying for free appeals to many who hope to progress their careers and, as universities raise the cost of tuition, getting paid...

Two years in, is the apprenticeship levy still working?

Promising the benefits of a degree with none of the debt, apprenticeships on the government’s payroll-funded scheme are more competitive than ever,...

Apprenticeships offer an alternative to uni and debt – why are schools ignoring them?

Despite high-quality apprenticeships offering a route to degree-level qualifications, many students are being let down by schools that fail to engage with...

The advertising industry has a diversity problem – apprenticeships can help

It’s really important that our workforce reflects the kind of people that we’re advertising to, says Sue Frogley, UK chief executive of...

Award-winning teacher among staff needing charity to scrape by

Teacher poverty is now so acute that the Victorian charity helping them is running on its reservesIt...

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