When people think of a swimming pool, they usually think of a fun holiday. Because of this relationship, many people believe that the best time to build a swimming pool is summer, but this is a misconception. If you build a swimming pool in the summer, building the entire pool will take a significant amount of time and the construction will be completed at the closing time of the pool. Take a shower during the cold season. But latency isn’t the only thing to consider. Cost, availability, and conditions are important factors when deciding when to start a new project. Our experienced pool and patio experts offer these tips to answer some of the most common pool planning questions and help you decide when is the best time to start building your new pool.

Advantages of Pool Construction during the Fall/Winter?

  1. Availability of Pool Builders

Swimming pools are always associated with the summer season, so many homeowners often consider investing in new activities during the summer months. That’s why pool companies often book summer plans months in advance. However, investing in and starting pool construction during the cooler months of fall and winter will allow your pool construction team to focus on your pool project and provide you with a wide selection of pool builders.

  1. Cost of Materials

They are always cheaper due to the discount on winter supplies. Since data costs are lower, you can pay less. With the demand for pool builders decreasing this month, building a pool in the fall and winter can be very economical.

  1. Installation in Fall/Winter

In Dubai, fall and winter typically present more favorable conditions for working outside. Pool building companies can spend more time focusing on the pool building without worrying about humidity, high temperatures, and summer storms slowing down construction. Because of the more favorable conditions and overall timeline, construction should be completed early enough that you will be ready to use your pool once summer rolls back around!

  1. Landscaping

As with any large outdoor project, building a pool will have a major impact on your yard, and landscaping and plants will take time to recover. Land and irrigation systems may be disturbed, vegetation may be disrupted, and the inorganic landscape may be altered. Building a pond during the fall and winter gives your garden time to heal and return to looking its best in the spring and summer!

Building a Pool during the spring in Dubai

Spring is another popular time of year when homeowners begin looking for the opportunity to build the pool of their dreams. But spring is a busy time for pool builders, which means it may be harder to find one you like. Additionally, since this is a busy time for pool construction, the price of the equipment will begin to increase as demand increases. Finally, while spring can bring beautiful spring flowers, it can also bring unpredictable weather that can slow things down.

What About Building the Pool during the summer?


One of the advantages of building a pool in the summer months is that there is plenty of sunlight and the soil is dry, making the installation process easier. But hot summers can wreak havoc on pools, meaning they need more frequent and longer breaks. As a result, you probably won’t be able to enjoy the pool until next summer; Instead, you should see the pool completed during the colder months and wait a few months before you can use it and make your dream pool a reality.

No Matter When to Build a Pool, Our Team Can Help!

Ready to make your dream pool a reality? We’re here to help every step of the way. We have been working for about 7 years in the industry and providing our professional services as the best swimming pool construction in Dubai. Our team will collaborate with you to design a pool that’s perfect for your needs, and then we’ll bring that vision to life at a time that works best for you. To start planning for a summer filled with fun by the pool, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment or have a chat.