Whether you are a blogger, a digital marketing consultant, director of sales, or SEO specialist, it is important to be able to utilize the right type of tools in your career. Being on the cutting edge with these latest tools will help you become a trusted professional in your field. Here are just a few of the greatest tools available to help you boost your SEO.

Keyword Analysis Tools

Keywords are one of the most essential parts of a search engine strategy. Google used to offer some very effective free tools. However, they have since started leaving out essential information when it comes to keyword analysis. Picking the right keyword analysis tool will help your search engine optimization because it will help you learn more about keyword researching. Whether you choose a free or premium tool, make sure that you use these tools to become an expert in keyword research.

Rankings Tools

Ranking tools are very important in order to asses how well your optimization strategies are working. After you have tried a new way of marketing your site, it is important to use ranking tools to see if you are getting a good return on your time and money investment. If you use these ranking tools in the right way, you should be able to see an incredible boost in traffic on your site.

Content Effectiveness Tools

It is no mystery to digital marketers that content is king. However, if you are not utilizing the right type of content, you are going to be falling short in your marketing efforts. If you are using WordPress, there are plugins you can use like Yoast that will rate your articles before you decide to post them to your blog or company website. There are also tools that will help you determine whether or not your content is outdated.

Link Building Tools

Link building is still a very effective tool when it comes to page ranking. There are many different tools out there that will help you create the right type of backlinks that will be effective for the Google ranking of your site. Make sure that you are following all of the rules of backlinking. If you try to take shortcuts, this can really hurt your site in the long run if you are hit with any penalties from Google.

Link Removal Tools

If you have been hit with any penalties from Google’s algorithms, you will have to go through the annoying task of removing links so that your site can start fresh once again. There are many tools available that will help you get to the bottom of your backlink problem. These tools will comb the internet for your links and let you know which sites are affecting your ranking. Getting rid of these links will be the first step in regaining your Google ranking.

Technical SEO Tools

These tools will help you on the back-end of your site. Fine-tuning your search engine related issues on your site will bring much more traffic to your site. These tools will be able to give you a report on your site and let you know the things that you need to fix. Many of these tools will also guide you in fixing those problems. Many of these tools will also give you a visual representation of the issues that you may be experiencing on your site.

SEO Consulting

As great as tools are for site analysis nothing will be the intelligence of an SEO expert. Third party software has its limitations and can only provide a low-level analysis of the potential of a website to rank while an educated consultant can read the data, analyze the results and more logically add important insight for increasing ranking.

These are just a few of the many different tools that can help your site rank well. The more your work on your marketing and the more you use these tools, the better chance you will have of showing up on search engine results.