Passionfruit liqueur and soju, the national drink of Korea, combine in this refreshingly unusual tipple

Soju, the national drink of Korea, is said to be the most drunk spirit in the world, and is increasingly available in the UK; if you can’t get hold of it, a good premium vodka makes a more than passable substitute here.

Serves 1
35ml good-quality soju – we use Hwayo 41, which you can get from
15ml passionfruit liqueur – we use Passoa, which is widely available in supermarkets, but there’s a decent choice on the market generally 
10ml vanilla syrup – homemade (infuse a split vanilla pod in a standard 50:50 sugar syrup) or bought (the kind used in coffee shops)
10ml fresh lime juice
35ml pineapple juice, ideally fresh
½ passionfruit, to garnish

Put all the liquids in shaker, add ice, shake hard and double strain into a martini glass or coupette. Garnish with half a passionfruit and serve.

• Judy Joo, Jinjuu, London W1